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Gift of Life Donor Loyalty Store

Thank you for being a blood donor. Your lifesaving donations help ensure that the blood supply will be there for all who need it, when they need it.


Blood supplies are in constant shortage, yet the need for blood continues to grow. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to donate blood on a regular basis at LifeStream's donor centers and at your community blood drives.


Donor Loyalty Online Store
As a member of the Donor Loyalty program, you will receive points for every donation – points that may be used toward some fabulous items in the online donor store!

Online Scheduling
Use our password protected web site for easy online donation scheduling.

Member Status
View your donation history with LifeStream as a Gift of Life member.

Wellness Center
View the cholesterol screening results from your qualifying donations.

Your support helps us save lives by connecting donors and patients through the gift of blood. And remember, you make the difference.

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