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Have you ever wondered what happens to blood once it’s donated?

Come get a behind-the-scenes look at LifeStream Blood Bank’s donor center and laboratory! You’ll learn how blood donations get from LifeStream to hospital patients. We conduct tours for large and small groups, business professionals, community organizations, college and high school students and other interested individuals. Here’s a sample of a recent high school tour:


First, we will meet in one of our conference rooms to give a brief tourintroduction and provide more details about what you will see on the tour. Because we are excited for you to learn more about the journey of blood donations, we may take a group photo and possibly feature you on our social media pages! Please print and sign our Media Release Form and bring it with you to the tour.

Media Release Form

Human Resources

Our Student Tours include a brief presentation on what it is like to work at LifeStream. Hear about current and future job openings. You can also view open positions here: Careers at LifeStream

Student Tours may also include a tour of our bloodmobile, a photo op with our mascot “Hope,” and, of course, in-depth info about blood donations. Tour stations and department representation may vary with availability and group size.

Manufacturing Lab

Get a behind-the-scenes look of how blood is processed after it leaves the body and prepares for shipment to help a patient in need!

Donor Center

See the donor center where donors register and donate blood. Watch our collection staff in action as they assist donors with the blood donation process.


Check out what other who’ve toured our facility have to say:

“My experience touring the LifeSteam facility in San Bernardino was eye opening. The most shocking part to myself is the fact that there is such a dire need for donations and that those always needs to be in preparation for tragedy, not after something has already happened. The process to collect and separate the blood; and treat and prepare for distribution was fascinating. I would highly recommend anyone, even a frequent donor, to take the time and see the behind-the-scenes tour of the facility to gain a better grasp into all aspects of the process to truly understand and value the work that these wonderful people put into saving lives!” — Matthew J., Ontario

“Thank you for allowing us to tour your facility. It really opened my eyes to the current shortage and has motivated me to donate in the future.” — Mike N., San Bernardino

“Thank you for a very informing tour. I learned so much and have been inspired to become a blood donor myself.” — Terina W., San Bernardino

Ready To Book Your Tour?

To arrange a tour for your group or class, or send any questions regarding the tour, please email Nicole at avilani@lstream.org.

If you are interested in making a life-saving blood donation, hosting a blood drive, or volunteering, let us know! We’ll be happy to help. If you would like to host a blood drive with your business or organization, we will provide the opportunity for you to learn more. Plus, you can have the opportunity to donate blood before you depart from our facilities.

Tour stations and department representation may vary with availability and group size. 

See you soon!

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