The outpouring of support our community showed following the mass shooting Sunday night in Las Vegas has been extraordinary. Thank you for your generosity and goodness of heart in giving blood in response to this horrific event. At times like these, we come together as a community and as a nation to support our friends and loved ones in need.

As of Tuesday morning, all immediate blood needs for the victims have been met.

If you would like to donate blood in honor of those who were lost and those recovering, we ask all donors to set an appointment to give blood later this week and into the next few weeks.

When tragedy strikes, it is our natural response to want to help those in need; please remember there is always a need for someone here in our own community. It is important that we continue to have a steady, ample blood supply so we can be prepared for an immediate need here at home or in the event of an event like the attack on Las Vegas. You can make a difference by scheduling a blood donation 2 or 3 times a year.

For an appointment to give the gift of life, please call 800-879-4484 or click here.

For more information on blood donation, click here.

Thank you again.


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