Have you heard of the word “platelets” but did not really know what they are or how they help patients? We’re here to help!

What are platelets?

Platelets are yellow in color and bind together to help repair damaged blood vessels and stop bleeding. When we are cut, platelets are essential to help minimize bleeding.

How do platelets help patients?

Patients being treated for blood diseases, including cancer, often need frequent platelet transfusions as treatment for the disease can reduce platelet count. Platelets also stop bleeding in patients who have transplant or cardiac surgeries.

Why donate platelets?

Platelets are life-saving! Platelets must be transfused within 5 days of collection. Since they must be used so quickly, and because many patients regularly require this blood component, the need is constant.

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Depending on the donor, platelets can be given in a single, double or triple unit. Platelets also are rich with plasma which works closely with platelets to stop bleeding.

A Platelet donation is the best donation for:

A positive, A negative, B positive and B negative blood types.

How long does it take?

A platelet donation takes approximately 2 hours to complete from registration to canteen. This time can vary based on the donor.

How often can I donate Platelets?

You can donate platelets every 7 days, up to 24 times per year.


Gallons: Platelet donations do take longer, and to thank you for your time, LifeStream provides platelet donors with 2 credits toward their gallon level after each donation. Make 24 donations and you can reach 6 gallons in a year!

Feelin’ Good: All apheresis procedures hydrate your body. Plus, since you are not giving red cells, your blood iron and oxygen levels are not affected. You feel great after donating!


To donate platelets, donors must meet the general whole-blood donation requirements. Prior to any apheresis procedure, LifeStream’s trained apheresis team will evaluate the donor to determine if an apheresis donation is possible.

Appointments are required to donate platelets. To make an appointment, click below, call 800.879.4484 or download the LifeStream mobile app!

Don’t forget to use ExpressPass to speed up your donation process.

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