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You donate blood with LifeStream for the right reason – to assist our loved ones, neighbors and friends in need. Those you help may not be able to thank you personally for your generosity, but we can!

LifeStream’s Gift of Life Donor Loyalty Program is our way of saying WE APPRECIATE YOU for putting your heart into helping others though voluntary blood donation.

For every donation donors receive –
  • Donation points: Points are earned for each donation and may be redeem for great prizes! Points vary based on number of donations in a calendar year, type of donation, etc.
  • Wellness Check: includes cholesterol screening, blood pressure, iron levels and temperature.
  • Healthy Snacks: our canteen is loaded with great snacks such as cookies, crackers and trail mix as well as refreshments such as water, juice and
    Starbucks coffee. Take your pick in the canteen after each donation.

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Gift Card Purchases

All donors receive –
  • Early notification on all promotional events
  • Personal Donor ID Card with convenient key tag and blood type
  • Letters of recognition/reference for your life-to-date donations (upon request)
  • Transfer of donations from previous blood centers
  • A personalized Online Donor Loyalty Account that allows you to:
    • See eligibility and donation history
    • Modify your profile and communication preferences
    • Easily reschedule appointments
    • Find donation locations near you
    • Access LifeStream’s Online Donor Loyalty Store
    • View wellness test results
    • Take post donation surveys
  • Access to educational information on:
    • Your personal IMPACT on community wellness and patient need
    • The Be the Match Marrow Donor program
    • Hosting a blood drive
    • Volunteering with LifeStream
    • Young donor programs, including scholarships!

Access the Donor Store

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