It’s almost time! LifeStream blood bank’s 2019 Gift of Life Tribute, 10-Gallon Donor Celebration is set for Sunday, April 7 at the Riverside Convention Center.

Whether you are a long-time supporter of LifeStream or a new partner, we invite you to join us to celebrate “the best of the best” – our region’s most prolific volunteer blood donors.

The theme for the upcoming event is, “Your greatness is not what you have but in what you give,” a quote attributed to author Alice Hocker. And it is greatness that sums up the sustained, ongoing dedication of volunteer blood donors who time and time again come to the rescue of those they’ll never know or meet.

We look forward to having you with us. Included for your review are Gift of Life Tribute, 10-Gallon Donor Celebration sponsorship opportunities. Your participation can help ensure that these anonymous heroes are properly feted, and place you firmly beside them in their continuing quest to assist and comfort those in need.

Thank you for your consideration. On behalf of local patients who are counting on us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Dr. Frederick B. Axelrod

President/CEO/Medical Director

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