Gift of Life Tribute & Awards Ceremony

“Intense love does not measure, it just gives.” – Mother Teresa

Love and giving. Two age-old concepts that should be simple, yet we, in our human failings, often make complicated.

Shouldn’t being able to love and being able to give be greeted with joy and fullness of heart? Aren’t those gifts in themselves? This is precisely what is good and decent about blood donation. Donation is about giving – and about love. Together, that’s an unbeatable reward for generous, anonymous, lifesaving blood donors we honor today and every day.

In just eight words, Mother Teresa wisely conveyed that to be a true gift, one given strictly out of love for our fellow human, that it not be quantified in any way. We have those among us who make those eight words a centerpiece of their lives. They’re called blood donors.

For that, we all should be grateful. Join us as we celebrate the most selfless members of our community and their commitment to giving the greatest gift of all.

Sunday, March 18, 2018
Riverside Convention Center

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2017 Gift of Life Tribute Slideshow

2018 Humanitarian of the Year

City of La Quinta Mayor Linda Evans
City of Palm Desert Councilmember Jan Harnik
City of Indio Councilmember Elaine Holmes

2017 Highlights

Emotions ran high as LifeStream blood bank welcomed 1,200 guests to its annual Gift of Life Tribute, 10-Gallon Donor Celebration on Sunday, Feb. 26 at the Riverside Convention Center.

The event theme featured the December 2, 2015, terrorist attack in San Bernardino and the roles first responders, medical professionals and volunteer blood donors contributed to the community’s ability to heal and move forward. Survivor, Julie Paez told her harrowing story. See Julie’s full story here.

2017 Awards Recipients

Youth Ambassador of the Year, Keely Proctor
Humanitarian of the Year, Redlands Community Hospital
Award for Medical Excellence, Dr. Wesley T. (“Tait”) Stevens

From left, Youth Ambassador fo the Year, Keely Proctor; Humanitarian of the Year, Redlands Community Hospital; Medical Honoree, Dr. Tait Stevens.

Capping the event was a salute to 14 LifeStream donors who have reached the 100-gallon milestone, including Larry Bloemsma, Redlands (141 gallons) and Robert Hitchman III, Highland (140 gallons) at the top of the list, and Dale Philbrick, Rialto, the most recent to join the exclusive club.

Heather Froglear, morning K-FROG radio personality, served as mistress of ceremonies.


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