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Happy Birthday, Charon!

Join LifeStream in wishing Charon Simmons a Happy 30th Birthday! He’s still a young man, but life already has been quite a journey. In summer 2011, Charon suffered a sickle-cell crisis, went into full cardiac arrest, and experienced multiple organ failure. But Charon – with a strong family unit and LifeStream blood donors on the team – fought back. Treatment required a full body flush of blood to replenish his system. With spirit and determination, Charon slowly made progress.

Eventually, he got his life back, completed his college education, and set out to make his mark on the world. Now an ambassador and spokesperson for those living with the challenges of sickle cell disease, Charon also is a strong advocate for voluntary blood donation.

Inspired by Charon’s story like we are? Want to honor him? It’s National Blood Donor Month. Giving blood so others may live is a gift he’d gladly accept! For LifeStream’s dramatic 2012 video profiling Charon’s crisis and recovery, check below:

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