Happy International Volunteer Day!

Thank you to all of our donors who volunteer their time to help save others! We are beyond grateful for the time you take to make a donation. And thank you to all who volunteer at LifeStream and help create a pleasant, educational and comforting experience for donors. ❤️

To Donate Blood:
If you would like to volunteer your time to donate blood, please call 800.879.4484 or schedule an appointment below.

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Did you know? With ExpressPass you can speed up your donation process by completing the required pre-donation reading and health history questions before arriving at the donation site.

To Volunteer at LifeStream:
At LifeStream, volunteers are an essential part of our lifesaving team. Volunteering at LifeStream is a great way to get involved in your community, make new friends, develop new skills and help make a big difference in the lives of others. Even if you only have a little time, there are many opportunities to volunteer. We know your time here will be a rewarding experience!

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Give your most important gift of the season (whole blood or apheresis donation) at a LifeStream donor center December 9-15 and receive, while supplies last, a “mystery” present! 🎁 🎉
Set your appointment TODAY by calling 800-879-4484 or visiting https://t.co/T9uGIqmrWQ

Thank you to all who volunteer at LifeStream and support our mission of helping save lives by connecting donors and patients through the gift of blood. For more info, visit https://t.co/KbY61NBWNB.

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