Welcome to LifeStream


More than a blood bank, LifeStream offers the community a comprehensive list of transfusion services. These programs are intended as options to bring additional comfort and confidence to those at the heart of our mission – local patients and their loved ones.

These include autologous donation (designating oneself as the recipient); directed donation (designating a specific recipient other than self); and therapeutic collection.

For questions regarding physician services, please contact a Medical Services Coordinator at 877.386.6874 or 909.885.6503 (ext. 664) or via email at MedicalServices@LStream.org


LifeStream prides itself in providing superior customer service to our hospital partners, who in turn are counted upon by the patients in whose interest we both serve.

Toward meeting that pursuit 24/7 is LifeStream’s Automated Blood Ordering (ABO) System to place orders, review current inventory, monitory delivery status and more.

To view and download the Oncology Institute Patient Worksheet, please click below.

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