Welcome to LifeStream

National Donor Month was established in 1970. LifeStream has been around since 1951, all the time encouraging local residents to roll up their sleeves and give the most intimate of gifts to someone they’ll probably never know or meet.

For 65 years, the response to that call has been gratifying.

Meanwhile, the local landscape has changed dramatically – and continues to do so. The region served by LifeStream is on a steady growth spurt; with it, the need to increase participation in the blood donation process is essential.

January is a month of renewal, a month to declare a new start.

Local patients – our loved ones, friends, neighbors, colleagues – need our help 365 days a year. Those include surgical and cancer patients; accident, trauma and burn victims; even prematurely born babies and mothers giving birth.

If you’re not yet on the team of “everyday heroes” make 2017 the year you come aboard by giving blood. The process is not time consuming, nor painful, nor expensive. (It doesn’t cost a dime, just an hour of your time!)

Thank you to blood donors – past, present and future – during National Blood Donor Month.

To set an appointment to give the gift of life, call 800-879-4484 or click here.

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