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LifeStream Blood Donors Respond to Troops’ Needs

LifeStream blood donors with O positive or O negative blood responded in full force to a recent plea from the National Blood Exchange to assist troops stationed overseas.

As a result, LifeStream shipped collections of recently collected red blood cells on Tuesday, Jan. 8 to Fort Bragg, NC, which in turn will send the units overseas in support of American troops.

Group O red cells are the most compatible for transfusion needs.

“We’re gratified by the response of our donors to this plea and commend them for ‘rolling up a sleeve’ on short notice to assist our troops,” said Frederick Axelrod, MD, LifeStream’s president and CEO. “Thanks to those donors, we were able tohelp American troops overseas without jeopardizing our supply of group O red cells for use in local hospitals.”

LifeStream provides blood supplies and services to more than 80 Southern California hospitals. For more information and to set an appointment, call 800-879-4484 or visit LStream.org.

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