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The most common type of donation is a whole-blood donation. During a whole-blood donation all parts of the blood are collected simultaneously, or as a whole, from your arm vein and transferred into a bag specially designed to store blood.

A Whole Blood Donation is the best donation for:

Those who have never donated before; all blood types

How long does it take?

A whole-blood donation takes about 1 hour to complete from registration to canteen. This time can vary based on the donor.

How often can I donate Whole Blood?

You can donate whole blood every 8 weeks, or 56 days.

Why Donate Whole Blood?

Giving a whole-blood donation is an easy, convenient way to make a lifesaving difference in your community. In an hour’s time, you could give someone a lifetime!

In that short amount of time, your single, whole-blood donation can assist multiple patients in our community. 



Points: Every time you donate, you earn points that can be used in LifeStream’s online Gift of Life Donor Loyalty store. Items may include gift cards, gas cards, wearables, specialty items, vintage t-shirts and more.

Feel good factor: You can leave knowing that you just helped save at least one person’s life!


All volunteer whole-blood donors must:

  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds and
  • Be in general good health.

All 15- and 16-year-olds require parental consent prior to donating.

Download the Consent form here

Spanish consent form here

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