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Help LifeStream Purchase New Bloodmobiles!

$2 – Yes, just TWO dollars – can make a “wheel” difference in community wellness!


Two LifeStream bloodmobiles must be retired soon because they no longer meet State and Federal vehicle emissions standards.

The Need

Replacing these bloodmobiles with new, more environmentally-friendly bloodmobiles can keep LifeStream “going to the donor” at schools, churches, hospitals, businesses and government offices to collect life-saving blood. New bloodmobiles cost approximately $250,000 each!

The Solution

From January (National Blood Donor Month) through April, we are conducting our 2 for 2 Community Campaign.
We are asking blood donors, the general public, small businesses, large companies, and corporate and community foundations to make a donation to our campaign. If everyone pitches in, we should easily reach our goal of raising $500,000.

NEWS FLASH: The H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation has pledged a matching grant of $50,000, so public donations may be doubled.

Why are Bloodmobiles Important?

Bloodmobiles are an essential component of LifeStream’s blood collection efforts and make it convenient for donors to give the gift of blood. In a typical year, we collect 72,000 units (pints) from mobile blood drives to help trauma and cancer patients, and for surgeries at local hospitals and medical facilities. Without our bloodmobiles, we would not be able to meet local patients’ needs.

Our mobile staff also provide blood donors with valuable health information during the screening process. In 2019, LifeStream provided “mini-physicals” to 125,000 blood donors. These “mini-physicals” assessed each person’s pulse, temperature, blood pressure, cholesterol and hemoglobin. All blood donations are also tested for infectious diseases.

On behalf of present-day and future patients who count on a caring community, thank you!

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