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It’s O Neg Month at LifeStream!

Type O negative red blood cells are the most important when emergencies strike. When seconds count, O negative red cells can be given to anyone at any time to save their life.

O Neg Facts

  • Donors with O negative blood are universal blood donors.
  • Hospitals can use O negative blood when the patient’s blood type is unknown. O neg blood is constantly in need by hospitals.
  • Patients with O negative blood can ONLY be transfused with O negative blood. The supply must constantly be replenished.
  • Only 7 % of U.S. residents have universal blood. Hospitals count on O negative blood donors to give.

Celebrate with LifeStream!

May 4-8

Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube to learn more about the importance of Type O negative blood.

May 11-15

Starting May 1 through the end o f the month, O neg donors will receive a letter of appreciation from our President/CEO and Medical Director Dr Rick Axelrod.

May 18-22

Take a selfie/photo at a LifeStream donor center or mobile drive and post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #LifeStreamONegDonor for a chance to win an e-gift card. Profiles must be public and remember, do not include anyone who does not wish to be photographed. Contest ends May 22! 1 winner per platform will be selected.

May 25-29

We’ll be recapping the month and thanking those who donated! Plus, the winners of the social media contest will be announced May 27.

To make an appointment, click below, call 800.879.4484 or download the LifeStream mobile app! Appointments are recommended, walk-ins are welcome.

Don’t forget to use ExpressPass to speed up your donation process.

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