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Dr. Rick Axelrod Talks About the Urgent Need for Blood

Dr. Rick Axelrod, LifeStream Blood Bank’s CEO/President and Medical Director, recently gave on-air interviews regarding the critical need of blood products and the shortage LifeStream is facing.

On Feb. 17, Dr. Axelrod spoke with Gene Nichols, the host of Community Roundup on Alpha radio in the Coachella Valley.

In his interview, Dr. Axelrod explains why it is necessary to keep the blood bank full. Listen to the interview below!

Dr. Axelrod also sat down with KESQ Reporter Jeff Stahl to talk about the current supply of blood at LifeStream and the need for all blood types. Watch the full interview here!

In an interview with NBC Palm Springs, Dr. Axelrod also spoke with Janet Zappala, NBC Anchor, about the urgent need for blood.

LifeStream currently has less than a one-day supply of blood. To help save lives and donate blood, call 800.879.4484 or schedule an appointment below.

LifeStream is on KQIE 10.47FM

LifeStream is excited to partner with KQIE 104.7FM this holiday season to provide radio listeners with more information about blood donations and its life-saving impact.

Tune into 104.7FM to hear LifeStream radio ads or listen below:

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Did you know that LifeStream is in need of more than 10,000 blood donations per month to fulfill their supply request from other organizations and hospitals? And in cases of disaster or tragedy, blood must already be in hand to help those who have been affected. Don’t wait. The need to donate is here today. Visit LStream.org for more info. 

Did you know that 1 in 4 of us will require a blood transfusion at one point during our lifetime? We’ll either need it ourselves one day or know someone who will. Your donation at LifeStream helps save lives each and every day. Become a hero and pay it forward. Donate today or visit LStream.org for more info. (more…)

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