The need is urgent and immediate for O negative, A negative and B negative blood to assist patients with negative blood types.

Do you have a “negative” blood type? If so, you’re in select company – only about 15 percent of the population flows “negative.”

But it’s that 15 percent that has to help one another at transfusion time – at lifesaving time.

O negative blood can be accepted by anyone – but emergency needs are draining supply. Replenishing O negative supply is critical to local emergency and trauma teams.

But so is increasing A negative and B negative supply. In the absence of O negative blood and when transfusion is necessary, patients with A negative blood MUST have A negative; patients with B negative blood MUST have B negative.

See how important it is being “negative?”

Appointments are required for double red-cell donations. Call 800-879-4484 or click below.

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