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LifeStream is proud of its proven, successful partnership model with high schools that focuses on donor safety and students’ overall well-being while providing a funding mechanism to schools in times of ever-tightening educational budgets.

Donor safety is priority #1. In this pursuit, LifeStream details the donation process and lists practices for donors to help ensure a successful experience. The free “mini-physical” given to all potential donors is a valuable preventive health tool. Moreover, LifeStream emphasizes to our youth — blood donors and non-donors alike – proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.
To further ensure donor safety, at least one RN is assigned to all on-campus drives, and school administrators are always given RN contact information for any post-drive concerns.

LifeStream is sensitive to and supportive of educational needs, and operates a streamlined process that minimizes students’ time out of class. All candidates are advised in advance that on drive day current photo ID is required, and that written parental consent, on the approved LifeStream form only, is mandatory for prospective 15- and 16-year-old donors.

Some of the many benefits your school and students can realize from hosting on-campus LifeStream blood drives include:

Academy of Giving

LifeStream’s unique dual-themed scholarship program encourages students with caring hearts to compete for $1,000 scholarships to use toward their next level of schooling; participating schools are eligible for $1,500 cash awards to help fund programs/initiatives of the schools’ choosing.

Ambassador Program

Students receive increasingly valuable incentives each time they donate blood as do school groups that recruit donors and support the process. LifeStream is pleased to furnish letters under the CEO’s signature verifying volunteer service performed by donors and drive organizers.

Summertime Programs
  • Funding pressures, education and blood donation never take a holiday. LifeStream encourages schools to host on-campus summertime blood drives, and can remit to schools $10 for each unit collected.

Professional letters of recognition

LifeStream is pleased to verify and praise students’ selfless actions in helping save lives with personalized letters signed by the organization’s president/CEO.

Permanent mementos

LifeStream recognizes lifesaving school partners with certificates, plaques and letters of accomplishment.

Job shadowing

LifeStream recognizes that the future of blood banking rests on educating youth today, and is pleased to work with local schools to host real-life experiences for aspiring medical students.

Volunteer program

LifeStream offers “teens to retirees” the opportunity for meaningful, satisfying community service by becoming a valued team member in the lifesaving process. For more information on LifeStream’s exciting volunteer program, click here or call 800.879.4484 ext. 458.

High school students are on the front lines of helping save lives everyday. JOIN US!
“We help save lives by connecting donors and patients through the gift of blood.”

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