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LifeStream supports nationwide blood type match search for Florida toddler

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIF. – LifeStream blood bank is joining OneBlood, the blood center serving Florida and other parts of the southeast, in a worldwide search to find extremely rare blood to help save 2-year-old Zainab, a South Florida girl battling neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer.

Zainab’s blood is extremely rare because she is missing a common antigen that most people carry on their red blood cells. The antigen is called “Indian B” (Inb). For a person to be a possible match for Zainab, they must also be missing the Indian B antigen.

Locating people who are missing the Indian B antigen comes down to genetics.

Statistically, the only people who are likely to be a match for Zainab are people of Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent. Of these populations, less than 4 percent are missing the Indian B antigen.

To be a match for Zainab a donor must have blood type O or A and be 100 percent Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent – that is both parents must be fully Pakistani, fully Indian or fully Iranian.

LifeStream is a member of the American Rare Donor Program that searches the world for rare blood donors. So far, three matching donors have been located.

While promising, additional donors are needed to support the child’s long-term blood needs. LifeStream, One Blood and other blood centers are sharing Zainab’s story in the hopes more people who meet the specific donor criteria will come forward to donate for her.

There may be potential matches for this toddler in our community. LifeStream urges those who satisfy the above criteria to visit a LifeStream donor center or host a mobile blood drive. Both increase the chances of finding community residents who can assist.

To host a blood drive, please call 800-879-4484.

LifeStream has six donor centers, all open 7 days per week. Walk-ins are welcome; appointments are suggested and may be made by calling 800-879-4484 or by clicking below.

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It is our honor to present @FarmerBoys with an award to recognize their commitment to saving lives throughout 2018. We are excited to continue our partnership with Farmer Boys in 2019 and look forward to working together to help save lives.

@lifestreamblood holds a Community Blood Drive today, Tuesday, March 19 from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Blythe Community Center, 445 N. Broadway. Donors receive a coupon valid for two free tacos, courtesy of Jack in the Box. Donors also receive free cholesterol screening. #SaveLives

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