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Here’s some quick ways to help your donation be successful:

Eat up!

In preparation for your donation, eat a hearty meal and drink plenty of fluids.
Iron and Vitamin C: Combining foods rich in iron and Vitamin C will boost your body’s strength – strength you can give to a patient who needs it! Think green veggies and citrus fruits.
Salty snacks: A healthy amount of salty snacks can help make your next blood donation a positive experience and ensure that your gift will be put to use helping save one or more lives!
Pretzels, anyone?
But don’t skip meals: Think of blood donation as a normal part of your day. Don’t skip or add meals to your normal routine. Just add in some healthy snacks.

Drink up!

Hydration is important before and after your donation. When you donate blood, you give a pint of blood at a time and almost half of this is water. The more water you drink the easier your blood moves through your body and the quicker you can replace the pint you gave!

Get moving!

In the moments before and during your donation do some simple flexing or tension exercises. Start with your toes and work your way up by tensing the muscles in your arms, legs or core for a few seconds, then relax. These simple moves will keep your blood moving for a relaxing donation!

Now you are ready to be a lifesaver!

Did you know? With ExpressPass you can speed up your donation process by completing the required pre-donation reading and health history questions before arriving at the donation site.



Giving the gift of life through blood donation is easy! Here are the four easy steps to becoming a red-blooded hero:

  1. Registration, screening and mini-physical: Sign in with our friendly receptionist to complete a brief questionnaire about your health history and our licensed LifeStream staff members will give you a mini-physical which will check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and iron levels.
  2. Donation: On to the main reason you are here – your lifesaving donation! Your blood is drawn by a skilled medical professional using new, sterile, and disposable material.
  3. Re-energize in the canteen: Congratulations! You have made a lifesaving difference in the lives of patients in need. Feel proud of your heroic act! Now head on over to the canteen and re-energize on healthy (but yummy) snacks and drinks.


Once your donation is complete, the journey of your blood has only just begun!

To protect the patients that may receive your blood, it will go through a number of tests for several types of infections, potentially harmful antibodies and, of course, to confirm your blood type.

Your blood will then be separated into components if needed, packaged and sent to a local hospital where it may just save someone’s life!

Confidential Hot Line

If you have any questions or concerns about your donation, please contact LifeStream at 1.866.623.2692.

Donation Types

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