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"Those who give the gift of blood are helping everybody."

Donating blood is one act in which society prospers. Think about it – there are no specifics from donors when it comes to giving blood, no questions as to their motivation, and no limits on the gratitude of those on the receiving end of this priceless gift.

Clearly, Blood Donation Matters.

But it’s also inspiring to learn what doesn’t matter.

To donors, it doesn’t matter who receives their gift, or the circumstance or twist of fortune that turned out to forever link them to someone they’ll likely never know or meet. It only matters that their gift will help someone and give comfort to those in their social circles.

For Blood Donors, That’s Reward Enough.

To recipients, it doesn’t matter who took their time to voluntarily give the most intimate of gifts. The age, gender, ethnicity, race, political leanings, religious beliefs of “their” donors are irrelevant. Transfused patients are simply and overwhelmingly grateful for the connection.

Barriers fall, and decency prevails – and, in the end, that’s what matters.

At LifeStream, we are privileged to bear witness on a daily basis to the goodness, emotions and gratitude of those on both ends of the ultimate “share.”