Welcome to LifeStream


Welcome to LifeStream!

We invite you to join us in the inspirational pursuit of helping save lives in our community. Saving lives – think about that. We think about it, every day. And our conclusion is always the same: What greater career satisfaction is there?

At LifeStream, our talented, compassionate team combines strengths to help brighten the darkest of days for those in need, and give comfort to their loved ones.

Since 1951, we’ve been counted on 24/7 to be there for our community. It’s a tremendous responsibility – and tremendously gratifying.

We’re glad you’re here! Read on to learn more about LifeStream and the benefits of participating in our mission: “We help save lives by connecting donors and patients through the gift of blood.”

If that sounds like you, why not bring your talents and skills to LifeStream?

Why Lifestream?


That was the recent greeting – surprising but gratifying – received by Wylie T., one of LifeStream’s team of drivers who deliver lifesaving blood products to local hospitals.

The excited donor related her pride in being able to donate blood, and insisted on taking a selfie with Wylie.

“My boyfriend isn’t going to believe this,” she gushed. “We always see LifeStream vehicles but never get to talk to the drivers and say ‘thank you!’”

Thank you – a simple, honest, heartfelt message. And one that is repeated over and over, every day, by patients and their loved ones who count on LifeStream donors to give the greatest of gifts – and personnel to safely process and deliver needed blood products to make a difference.

Many of those patients can’t shout it out, but they love LifeStream, too.



Position Spotlight

Registered Nurse

As a Registered Nurse with LifeStream you will be working with both blood donors and a highly-skilled team of specialists that are dedicated to helping save the lives of patients in need by connecting donors and patients through the gift of blood.

We have an outstanding paid training program that will ensure your success in transitioning to a new field with LifeStream.

The RN positions we are currently recruiting for utilize your nursing experience in a fun, rewarding job that ultimately helps save lives. Positions available include Donor Center RN (RNII), and Mobile Supervisor, RN.




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