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LifeStream fulfills every day and emergency needs for blood in our community. But, think about it. Aren’t all “every day” needs emergencies to someone? For the beloved patriarch undergoing planned heart surgery, that blood is an “emergency” need to his loved ones anxiously waiting in the hospital lobby. For the cancer patient who requires frequent transfusions to battle disease, every unit of blood is an emergency need to those closest to that patient.

And when the unimaginable, unthinkable happened on December 2, 2015, LifeStream was the calm center in the midst of a national nightmare, quickly packing and delivering more than 300 units of blood to treat those wounded in the terrorist attack at Inland Regional Center.

Making A Difference

LifeStream takes seriously its impact in the community we serve, and the dedication and commitment of our blood donors, who, bottom line, are anonymous, everyday heroes.

Involvement beyond our walls takes shape through membership and active participation in chambers of commerce and other local and regional business and social organizations; joining others in the public and private sectors to make our community a better, stronger, more cohesive unit; and giving back to those less fortunate, especially during the end-of-the-year holidays.

Making a difference – because of LifeStream, lives are changed for the better every day. And everyone wearing a LifeStream employee badge helps make it happen.

Lives Saved

Everyone has a special story to tell that has shaped their lives. Here are a few of the lives saved by voluntary blood donation.