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Host a Dispensary Blood Drive

Schedule a LifeStream blood drive now to run this summer and YOUR donors will receive our NEW Best Buds “Bleed for Weed” T-shirt! 

Break the stigma around the cannabis community and help aid patients in your local hospitals.

Contact your LifeStream, representative TODAY to secure your drive. You already have your recruiting pitch! 

Donate Blood at a Dispensary

The need for donated blood is urgent. Donors are eligible to donate whole blood every 56 days. Please assist patients and their loved ones at this critical time by giving blood. We can’t save lives without you.

"I didn't know I could donate blood being a cannabis user!"

Upcoming Dispensary Blood Drives

Give the Gift of Life

Bleed For Weed Blood Drives

To schedule an appointment, click below, call 800-879-4484 or download the LifeStream mobile app! Patients need your help.

Don’t forget to use ExpressPass to speed up your donation process.

Disclaimer: LifeStream abides by the FDA guidance on donor incentives.