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The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience contest for two, 2-hour Performance Drives.
Donate blood June 15 – June 30, 2021 for a chance to win a 2-hour Performance Drive

The BMW Performance Driving School at The Thermal Club (near Palm Springs) has donated two, 2-hour Performance Drives to LifeStream Blood Bank. These adrenaline-packed experiences will be awarded to two donors who will be randomly selected by LifeStream Blood Bank on July 2, 2021. ​

The BMW Performance Center West is a permanent performance driver training facility located in Thermal, California, near Palm Springs. The facility is open to the public and offers a wide range of driving schools for people of all ages and capabilities. The facility also offers special programs for private and corporate groups.  The BMW Performance Driving Schools are taught by BMW professional driving instructors on a private course. A wide range of schools are available to provide individuals with the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Ultimate Driving Machine® and learn proper vision, basic car control, panic braking, handling, last-minute emergency lane changing, distracted driving, high-speed control and precision driving.  Set in a backdrop of breathtaking mountain views, the facility features a brand new, luxurious modern building up to 5.1 miles of expansive track layouts, meeting space, a gourmet cafe with private chef, an exclusive gift shop, and a truly unique experience.

The BMW Performance Center West located in Thermal, Ca.
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