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Blood Drives

9th of July 2021

Sunrise Country Club 8/19

Sunrise Country Club blood drive!

30th of June 2021

Hemet Public Library – Valley Wide

Welcome to the Hemet Public Library blood drive!

21st of June 2021

Universal Church San Diego 7/3

Welcome to the Universal Church blood drive!

15th of June 2021

Murrieta Gardens 7/21

Welcome to the Murrieta Gardens blood drive!

10th of June 2021

Bourns Family Youth Innovation Center 7/23

Welcome to the Bourns Family Youth Innovation Centern blood drive!

7th of June 2021

Demuth Community Center 6/13

Welcome to the Demuth Community Center In Honor of Rachel Brennan blood drive!

3rd of June 2021

Riverside Medical Clinic 7/9

Welcome to the Riverside Medical Clinic blood drive!

2nd of June 2021

Victor Valley College 6/22

Welcome to the Victor Valley College blood drive!

1st of June 2021

Meanies 7/9

Welcome to the Meanies blood drive!

28th of May 2021

LLU Health Transplant Institute 7/14

Welcome to the LLU Health Transplant Institute blood drive!

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