Table of Contents

  1. Contact List
  2. Products, Product Codes & ISBT Codes
  3. AABB Circular of Information – Contact Hospital Services for a current copy
  4. Reference Laboratory – Tests Performed
    a) Form – Request For Reference Laboratory Studies
    b) Form – Request For Antigen Negative Blood and HLA Platelets
  5. Blood Product Compatibility Chart
  6. Transferring Blood Products Between Hospitals
    a) Form – Hospital to Hospital Transfer
  7. Investigation of Possible Transfusion-Acquired Infection
    a) Form – Report of Suspected Transfusion-Acquired Infection
  8. Reporting Serious Reportable Adverse Event
    a) Form – Serious Reportable Adverse Events
  9. Lookback
    a) Sample Product Retrieval Letter
    b) Sample HCV Confirmatory Letter
    c) Sample HIV Confirmatory Letter
    d) Sample Cover Letter for Lookback Packet
    e) Form – Transfusion Component Disposition
    f) HIV I Information Packet
    g) HIV II Information Packet
    h) HIV – HCV Sample Letter to Attending Doctor from Medical Director
    i) Form – Response from Physician to Transfusion Service
    j) HCV Lookback Information Packet
    k) Post Donor Information Letter
  10. Trali Mitigation Risk Protocol
  11. Bacterial Contamination Risk Mitigation Strategy
  12. ‘A Patients Guide to Blood Transfusion’ – California Department of Health Services
    (English) (Spanish)
  13. CPT (Testing) Codes
  14. HCPCS (Product) Codes
  15. ABO – (Online Blood Product Ordering)
  16. Manual Blood Product Order Form
  17. Manual Return Blood Product Form
  18. Laboratory Requisition
  19. Therapeutic Procedures
  20. Autologous Acceptability Criteria
  21. Autologous Donation Protocol
  22. Shipping Autologous Unit(s) With Reactive Infectious Disease Markers
  23. Physician Material Order Form
  24. Reference Laboratory: Transfusion Services
    a) Form – Request For Transfusion of Blood Components
    b) Form – Transfusion Reaction
    c) Instruction Sheets:
    i. Guidelines For Blood Transfusion
    ii. Submission Of Patient Blood Sample
    iii. Completion Of Request For Transfusion Of Blood Components
    iv. Instruction Sheet for Securlink Blood Band