Only 50% of Hospital Blood Orders Are Being Filled

LifeStream is only able to fill 50% of local hospitals’ orders because of the ongoing blood shortage.
The community MUST replenish the blood supply for hospitals to have the products needed for childbirths, heart surgeries, trauma preparedness and other procedures.

How much blood does it take to save a life?

  • Cancer treatments use up to 8 pints per week.
  • Heart surgeries can use up to 5 pints.
  • Auto accidents & gunshot wounds can use up to 50 pints.
  • Liver transplants can use up to 100 pints.
  • Brain surgeries can use up to 10 pints.
  • Hip & joint replacements can  use up to 5 pints.

Every person who donates blood has a direct impact on patient care. Just 1 pint of blood can save up to three lives. Your blood donation can help local patients like Milan.

Make an urgently needed appointment tomorrow through Sunday and receive our exclusive Give Where You Live water bottle. Platelet donors will also receive a $25 e-gift card!

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