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Ralphs Community Contribution Program

LifeStream Blood Bank encourages you to enroll in Ralphs Community Contribution Program by simply linking your Ralphs Rewards account to LifeStream’s Community Contribution account. After you sign up, every swipe of your rewards card at Ralphs will result in a monetary donation to LifeStream! Participation won’t cost you a dime, yet it will result in a nice donation to LifeStream each year.

How to Enroll

To participate in the Community Contribution Program, you must have a Ralphs Rewards account/card and have set up your digital (online) account. After you have your digital account set up, sign in to your account, and follow the directions below to link your Ralphs Rewards account to LifeStream Blood Bank’s Community Contribution account. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot complete this process through the Ralphs app.

Step 1

Go to Ralphs.com to create or sign-in to your Ralphs digital account.

Step 2

After you sign-in, scroll to the bottom of the home page. Under the COMMUNITY section, click on Kroger Community Rewards.

Step 3

Under section 2, Link your Card to an organization, go to number 2 and click on HERE.

Step 4

In the Find an Organization section, type LifeStream’s special code EG694 in the Search by Organization name or number oval. Click the search icon.

Step 5

A box with our legal name, Blood Bank of San Bernardino & Riverside Counties, will appear. Click on ENROLL.

That’s all it takes to enroll in the program and direct a percentage of your grocery purchase to LifeStream. Within 72 hours, all your purchases will begin earning LifeStream its quarterly donation! You will know your shopping is supporting LifeStream because our legal name will be listed at the bottom of your receipts.

Thank you for your support!