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Cassey Cinqmars Fisher and daughter Allie have lived, and are living, the reality of blood donation. Young Allie, born 6 weeks earlier than expected (and the world has been trying to catch up ever since!) was diagnosed with aplastic anemia at 5 years of age.

Now an adolescent, Allie is a “veteran” of her cheer team, enjoys playing basketball, riding motorcycles and spending time with friends and family. The fun and games are a daily fact of life – but, so too, is Allie’s weakened immune system. Blood transfusions, available only through the generosity of volunteer donors, are the prescription for care.

Mother and daughter, fiercely loyal to one another, also are bonded in their support of blood donation, and appreciation for a cause greater than self.

“Every day,” Cassey says, “we praise LifeStream and blood donors.”