Alexis “Lexi” Anderson

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When Alexis “Lexi” was running a mile in eighth grade, she passed out. After repeated blackout episodes, a heart specialist found that she had restrictive cardiomyopathy, a disease that would not allow her heart to relax and would lead to heart failure. Lexi was now in need of a heart transplant.

As her heart weakened and her condition deteriorated, 16-year-old Lexi was admitted to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital where she was put in a medically-induced coma and placed on life support. Despite complications, Lexi fought hard to make it through each day. Eventually, her family received the good news that a heart was available for Lexi. Including her surgery, and pre- and post-operative care, Lexi required 44 pints of red blood cells, 19 units of plasma, 8 units of platelets, and 6 units of cryoprecipitate.

“I remember constantly seeing units of blood hanging there,” said Todd Anderson, Lexi’s father. “I didn’t realize how many units of blood people actually go through when they go through something like that. That blood was her connection to life.”

Today, Lexi is healthy, active and looking forward to her future!