• Do you know someone who has had a mustache, goatee or beard for a long time that should try out a new look in 2022?
  • Or maybe someone who participated in Movember or No Shave November that should probably lose their newly grown facial hair?
  • Or maybe someone you just want to challenge to shave their head for a good cause?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, nominate them for Operation SOS (Shave or Save)—an online fundraiser that will run through February 28th.


1. Identify a nominee you think will participate.

2. Get them to agree to shave if you reach your goal; submit the consent form (see below).

3. Click the Sign Up for Operation SOS button (below) to create their donation page.

4. Ask everyone you know to make donations to their page.

Identify and recruit a person with facial hair to shave if an agreed upon goal is reached by the end of the campaign. Encourage friends, family, co-workers, etc. to contribute to the goal. Reluctant nominees will have the chance to save their hair by matching the amount on their donation page on February 28th. Individuals may nominate themselves and challenge their friends and family to contribute to their goal.

How to Create Your Nominee’s Page

In support of Operation SOS, people may donate blood OR money. Each blood donation made at a LifeStream blood donor center or mobile blood drive in support of Operation SOS will have an in-kind value of $25.


LifeStream will be giving out prizes to the top 3 fundraisers and awards in several categories including Best Mustache, Best Beard, Best Goatee, and Wildest Facial Hair. Additionally, Nominators (and Nominees) who raise at least $500 will be eligible to win 2 domestic round-trip tickets ($800 value) on Southwest Airlines!

Through Operation SOS, we hope to raise $50,000 for another new LifeStream Blood Bank bloodmobile and 500 pints of blood for local patients.

Operation SOS Info Flyer               Consent Form

SOS Blood Donation Form