ExpressPass - Step 1

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Read and verify the following statements.
I am at least 15 years old (15-16 year-olds, please bring a completed parental consent form     (Click here for Spanish).
  • Proof of age is required for all donors under 18 and may be needed to verify the age of young adults.
I have a valid picture ID.
I understand that my eligibility to donate will be determined at the time of donation.
I am completing this pre-donation questionnaire on the day I plan to donate.
I am in a private setting and will answer the donation questions without assistance from anyone else.
I have access to a printer or smart mobile device.
Review Educational Materials
Carefully review the following information to ensure it is safe for you to give today. After review, you may close the window of the educational material. Then, the checkboxes will automatically be filled out for you on this page. Please note the checkboxes must be filled in order to move to the next page.
I have read and understand the above pre-donation educational materials.