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Ten-year-old Adrian Grajeda, struck by debris when a car crashed through the school fence as he played at recess, needed blood, and a lot of it, as he was rushed to the hospital.

“We got there just in time,” said his father, Eli. “There was no blood left on the ambulance.”

The injuries to Adrian’s right leg were so grave that amputation was necessary. Adrian accepted the decision with quiet determination. Within 6 months, he had his first “blade” that enabled him to play all out – to be Adrian again.

“I’ll never forget seeing the stack of bloody towels in his hospital room,” said Brandy, Adrian’s mom.  “And I know without blood from LifeStream donors being available that day, doctors couldn’t have helped him.”

Instead, the joy of play is back. Adrian’s way.  With an assist to LifeStream blood donors.