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The day before Easter 2010, 8-year-old Keely lost her balance while on a ski lift and fell approximately 30 feet. She suffered life-threatening internal injuries. During her treatment and surgeries, Keely received 30 units of blood donated by LifeStream donors. She neither bitter nor self-pitying after the accident.  Instead, she wondered aloud, “Maybe this happened so I can help others.”From that point, she did just that. Along with her parents and siblings she helped organize blood drives, spoke to groups about the goodness of donation, and thanked blood donors at every opportunity.

“Thank you for saving my life,” was her simple, heartfelt message.

And shortly after turning 15 – 2.422 days after her life-threatening accident – Keely thanked LifeStream blood donors the best way she knew how – by joining a lifesaving team, and donating blood for the first time.