The Donor Store is Back!

The Donor Store is live!  Before You Log In to the Donor Store The donor store is back! Here are some items to get ready in preparation of the store launch. Make sure you have a Donor I.D. number. If you are a donor you can text “DONORID” to 999777 to retrieve your Donor  I.D. […]

April is C-section Awareness Month

April is C-section Awareness Month. While the average blood loss for a vaginal birth is about two cups, the average blood loss with a cesarean (C-section) delivery is one quart. The uterus has one of the greatest blood supplies of any organ in the body. In every cesarean delivery, large blood vessels are cut as […]

Bleed For Weed Blood Drives

Bleed For Weed Blood Drives To schedule an appointment, click below, call 800-879-4484 or download the LifeStream mobile app! Patients need your help. Disclaimer: LifeStream abides by the FDA guidance on donor incentives.

Only 50% of Hospital Blood Orders Are Being Filled

Only 50% of Hospital Blood Orders Are Being Filled   LifeStream is only able to fill 50% of local hospitals’ orders because of the ongoing blood shortage.The community MUST replenish the blood supply for hospitals to have the products needed for childbirths, heart surgeries, trauma preparedness and other procedures. How much blood does it take […]

Donate in Support of Milan

Help Replenish the Blood Supply in Support of Milan UPDATE 1/18/23: A total of 83 pints of blood were collected in support of Milan on 1/16-1/17 at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. Blood donors assemble! Without the availability of blood products, 17-year-old Milan would not be here today. Donate until 4 p.m. at our mobile […]

Blood donation is essential for treating law enforcement officers

Our hearts and thoughts are with the family, friends, and colleagues of Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Darnell Calhoun, who was killed in the line of duty after responding to a domestic violence call on Friday, Jan. 13.  Calhoun is the second Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy killed in the line of duty in two weeks. Deputy […]

Community Blood Supply Critically Low, Area Hospitals Suffering

UPDATE 1/13/23: LifeStream Blood Bank unable to fulfill 90% of hospital blood orders:The community must rebuild the blood supply now       LifeStream Blood Bank, the community’s blood supplier, cannot meet the needs of area hospitals. Approximately 90% of hospital Type O orders are going unfulfilled. As of today, seven area hospitals have zero or […]

LifeStream Blood Bank needs 2,376 donors through January 15

LifeStream Blood Bank does not have enough blood to supply local hospitals right now. LifeStream Blood Bank needs 2,376 donors through Sunday, Jan. 15, to overcome an alarming blood shortage. The rain storms forecasted to hit Southern California this week threaten blood collection efforts. The community blood supply is down to half a day of […]

Urgent Situation, Need 1,750 Donors Jan. 6-8

LifeStream Blood Bank is facing a critical situation. We urgently need 1,750 donors Jan. 6 – 8 at any donor center or mobile blood drive. The community blood supply CANNOT fulfill local hospital needs. One trauma patient emergency could deplete our community blood supply. Trauma patients can use up to 50 pints of blood. Currently, […]